When it comes to bags, there are a few big names. Louis Vitton, Gucci, Prada, Toki Doki, Birkin, but none of these have the eccentric names that Crumpler bring to the table. The CheesyTina is my first (well second really) foray into Crumpler bags but I’ve coveted them, just like Jesus told me to, for a while. This usually comes from spending an hour looking at whatsinmybag tagged photos on Flickr and lusting over each bag. But the time came for me to roll my tongue back up into my mouth and fork over the cold hard cash.

Thanks to the kind people at Devon Cameras, I picked up the Crumpler CheesyTina for a mere £29.95 (plus shipping) which is a utter bargin! I was all set for a trip to the Crumpler shop in London and to cough up £80+.

Why did I choose this bag? Well its all thanks to one man. Benjamin Stanley. After a rather sucessfuly MMUG session at the Solihull Apple Store, a few elite mac geeks went to Pizza Hut Pasta Hut. And it was in this establishment that I spotted Ben’s own CheesyTina and made my enquiries. After a quick guided tour of the pockets and pouches and the ample laptop area, I was sold.

That night I placed my order and waited. Today it arrived, much to my gross excitement, and I can now present the first unboxing shots.


As you may notice, the packaging left a lot to be desired. Compared to my other bag (a Pretty Boy camera bag) it was starkers! No Crumpler cellophane at all!

The CheesyTina The CheesyTina (Full Frontal)

Here it is, in all its free-from-a-box glory, waiting to be filled!. 

Exploded CheesyTina

Exhibit C: The removeable Laptop Case, to fit a mac up to 15”  (yes it first 15.4” widescreens)

I intend on doing a full review, with an indepth tour, and accompanying Flickr set, but need to give it a solid test run with its contents to see how I get on, then I’ll be contributing my own whatsinmybag photo to the pool.

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