A few years ago I came across Consumerism Commentary and the monthly updates. The writer, Flexo, was being public about his income and expenditure, and posting his monthly balance sheets to his blog as a way of being publicly accountable for his spending. He started in 2003, and recently stopped posting these in October of 2011. As many other people in the UK do, have a growing amount of debt in my life and want to reduce this to zero. I know thats a big task to accomplish, and will take me a long time, but I decided I wanted ot share my progress online.

Unlike Flexo, I’ll only be posting the monthly changes in my credit card balances. I have some additional debt, which I’ll detail in the first of the series, which I won’t cover, since its pre-determined in its type.

My goal is reduce overall debt by £3000 by the end of they year.

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