With February being a leap month, I took a leap of sorts (well not really, just some creative liberty). I was doing a review of my cards, spurred on by a visit to the bank advisor, and realised that I was being silly having a credit card I was paying 20% on.
So with the help of some comparison website, I found out that Halifax was offering 20 months at 0% interest, with a 3.00% transfer fee. So I moved the bulk of the balance from my Barclaycard to Halifax for the benefit. As a result, £2500 went from my Barclaycard to my new Halifax card (which makes an impressive 92% reduction) and thats added as a new line.

Debt March 2012

The sad news is my Virgin card has gone up a massive 42%. This is mostly due to me being slow to pay off my work expenses. I’ve also ignored my rule and put a few personal expenses on that card. I have also adjusted the figure down by £200 because of a deposit put on there by a hire car company which will be refunded soon.

So at the moment, the reduction looks good. But as mentioned, that 21% doesn’t include the balance transfer which should show properly next month.

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