Its been over a month since I last posted an update about my finances. The reason was due to a health situation which meant I was in hospital for two weeks and I missed the May update so I’m posting both May and June together in a catch up.

May 2012

I’ve incurred a bit expense this month after I made the decision to buy myself a car. I already have a Mazda2 which my wife drives for work and it was becoming clear that I couldn’t keep doing my job with rental cars and train journeys. I found a second hand Toyota Rav4 which I paid for out of my savings but have used my credit card to pay for the insurance. The plan is that I will pay this off with money reclaimed from work for mileage.

June 2012

I managed to pay off a nice chunk of my credit cards, mostly overdue expenses and extra money from the first bit of personal mileage was able to reclaim.

I don’t expect much change next month. While I won’t incur many expenses, I am on a reduced income due to my recovery so my salary is reduced.

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