Bit of a slow month on the credit cards for October. Our car was due its second year service which cost £249. Luckily I did some extra work this month which will pay for that and a little bit extra. I’m expecting that will go in mid-November.

Next month my interest-free period on my Barclaycard expires so I will likely be moving some of that balance elsewhere. I’m not sure yet how much but its possible that will go to my LloydsTSB classic card.

I closed down my Virgin Money card so I’m now down the four cards, which feels a bit more managable. And since two are just balance transfers, one is clear, and the other is my daily use and business use card, it feels a lot healthier, even though its the same balance.

One thing I have noticed is that my Numbers spreadsheet is getting progressively slower as I add more content to it. I keep a seperate Sheet for each card, which has a simple table with Date, Description, Amount, Balance and Comments. My Barclaycard also has a Reconciled column which I use to ensure I pay off all my business costs each month. I can simply total the unreconciled columns to make sure they match.


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