You may have read in a previous post that I bought my first proper Crumpler bag, the CheeseyTina. I’ve been living with this bag, day in and day out for about a month now and its about time to post some views on it.

Size and Storage
This bag is deceptively spacious. On the outside it actually looks smaller than my previous messenger bag. But it lies. Inside is a cavernous space that can house every-single-thing you may want to bring with you. There are 3 main compartments. The front is secured with a tough zip, housing 3 separate storage bits. One, obviously designed for a mobile phone, one with 4 holes for pens/pencils/straws if you fancy, and the last is a generic mesh-front pouch for anything.
The middle is a semi-open area, with 2 generic squarish compartments, and a thinner pouch that attaches to the middle flap (see below). There are also two stitched-in pouches facing the back of the bag. all of these are very well sized, enough to fit a CD case, a moleskine, and a few USB drives. The back compartment can serve as a large open compartment, or coupled with the additional laptop bag, can be your laptop storage. Here is where Crumpler are genius. What if you want a laptop bag during the week, but don’t need your laptop at weekends. Rather than having a dedicated laptop pouch that isn’t ideal for the weekend items (camera, shopping, food and drink), you get this wonderful envelope that you can just pull out when you don’t need it. Its very well padded, keeping your pride and joy safe and sound, without being too bulky at all.

Being a standard shoulder bag, you are stuck having the weight of your bag and its contents on one shoulder, but with the added shoulder support on the CheeseyTina, the weight seems not so bad. It makes the bag a lot more friendly to your aching shoulders, which means that you won’t be complaining after an hour about how heavy it is. Even with a full 15” laptop like me, the weight hardly seems noticeable.

There is no doubting that the CheeseyTina is a gorgeous bag, not too understated, and not too boring. Even better, despite being a fantastic laptop bag, it doesn’t wreek of those horrible generic laptop bags from Dell or IBM. Its cool, hip, and of course, makes you less of a target for theives (of laptops at least)

Crumpler bags are usually fairly expensive. However you can easily argue that they are more than worth their pricetag. But if you look around, you can pick up a decent price on one, as I did, getting this for a mere £30 plus shipping.

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